My new Skoda Fabia is about 1 month and 9 days old (I got it delivered on the 2nd of May 2009) and I’m loving it.

Some specs before I proceed further to review the car (based on its performance in the past 1 month):

Model ==> Skoda Fabia Classic

Engine Type ==> 1.2 L MPI (Petrol)

Dealer ==> TAFE Access Ltd., Bangalore

My beaut Fabia!

My beaut Fabia!

Apart from a few glitches here and there, I’ve had a good ride so far. I’ll come to the glitches soon but would like to highlight the good bits first, just so that I sound a positive note!

Here are the pros:

1. The clutch – damn powerful! Only caveat is that you’ve got to practice the release quite well else, there is a danger of stalling.

2. The design and the space inside give it a feel of a sedan rather than a hatchback.

3. The pedals were pretty smooth for a new car even during the initial few days (I presume the same would be true for any high end hatchback like Swift).

4. The Boot Space – it can easily fit a BIG suitcase along with some 2-3 small airbags!

The boot space and the leg space were precisely the reason that I went for the Fabia in the first place.

Now to the cons (glitches):


I’ve mentioned this in BOLD letters coz I did it (as one would normally do for a Santro/Indica in an steep incline) and burnt the rubber/asbestos lining on the clutch plate! 😦

Per the service centre – “Fabia is unlike other cars in that the clutch itself is powerful enough to pull the vehicle even in steep inclines and we need not use the accelerator along with the clutch in those situations.”

As I said earlier, the clutch is pretty powerful and I now can easily understand the service centre’s viewpoint (of course, only after burning my clutch plate lining).

2. The pickup when the A/c is on was not too good. I got this corrected with a visit to the service centre resulting in cleaning of the air filter, which got the pickup problem resolved.

3. After reading a lot of negative reviews on Skoda after sales service (also called ASS :)), I was quite apprehensive about it. The first visit also did not help mitigate my apprehension – they took 3 days to tell me that there is nothing wrong with my clutch plate (after I burnt the rubber/asbestos lining).

My second visit for checking the pickup when the a/c is switched on, though, was quite positive. They took only 1 day to get the pickup fixed (by cleaning the air filter). They also checked with me a couple of days later if I’d had any problems with their service.

So, all in all, I’d wait for some more time before judging the after sales service.