Long time, no blog! It’s been a reaaaallllly long time since I blogged. Well, there was nothing much happening to blog about. That is apart from a trip to Srirangapatna and an excursion to Bannerughatta National Park. After the initial excitement of owning a car and planning trips, the excitement, it appears, has petered out, or at least ebbed a trifle, because of various reasons!

Is it true? Nah. In fact, the excitement is like a dormant volcano ready to explode any time now! In fact, it’s exploding on 25th Dec 2009 with a big trip to Shimoga (Kemmannugundi), Jog Falls and Sirsi for a duration of  5 days. Will post details once I am back.

Check this blog, meanwhile, to find out about a lot of places in and around Sirsi, which helped me a lot in my planning. So, thanks Bharat. May you blog long and prosper.

On the car’s performance, there is nothing much to be said. It is quite smooth now what with the engine getting used to my style (whatever it may be) of driving. Also, while checking the car’s accessories before the trip, I found that the wheel nut spanner provided did NOT fit at all implying that if the car suffers a puncture, I won’t be able to change the tyre at all. I know, I should have checked earlier but somehow missed it. Be that as it may, I have requested for an exchange of the spanner, which is supposed to be delivered today.

To be on the safer side, I have purchased a spare spanner that fits the wheel nut and in fact, is much better than the original in terms of grip.

Here’s hoping that I have a safe and wonderful journey (feels odd that I am saying this to myself!).

Till next time, Godspeed.