Day 5

Date: 29-Dec-2009

Destination 1: Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

Checked out of the hotel around 09:00 hrs and proceeded towards the famous Marikamba temple in Sirsi. The temple is built in the typical Mangalore style and is quite elegant.

Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

Paintings inside the temple


Route: Sirsi –> Haveri –> Ranebennuru –> Davanagere –> Chitradurga –> Sira –> Tumkuru –> Nelamangala –> Bengaluru (a distance of around 410 KM).

 After seeking the blessings of Marikamba, we left Sirsi around 10:00 hrs and headed on the above route towards Bengaluru. The road from Sirsi to Haveri for the first 30 KM is in a poor state. It is a single lane road and because of the constant rain, the ends have been chipped off. This makes the road very dangerous whenever any vehicle comes from the opposite direction. Be very careful on this road.

Upon reaching Haveri and NH4 (Pune Bangalore Road), the road is pretty good in patches. The golden quadrilateral project (the project that AB Vajpayee government had envisaged and started) is still going on and on. Seems like the the present union government is not interested in finishing the project lest the old government take the credit.

Diversions are the norm with some good patches thrown in between as exceptions. This continues till Chitradurga whereupon the road becomes a 6 lane highway and one can zoom away and easily maintain speeds above 100 kmph till the tollgate before Nelamangala. Also, note that all these roads are tolled roads.

No good hotels to have lunch at, unfortunately, on this road, till Tumkur. This is because the highway by-passes all the towns on the way. Anyway, reached Sira around 15:00 hrs and had to stop there at a not so good hotel to quell the growling in the stomach.

Left Sira around 15:30 hrs and headed straight to Bangalore. Reached the Nelamangala tollgate at around 16:30 hours, the NICE tollgate at around 17:05 hrs and we were home by 18:00 hrs.

Thus ended my first (of the many more to come, I am sure) long trips on my Skoda Fabia! Till next time, namaskaara and take care.