Given the amount of negative feedback regarding TAFE Access Ltd’s customer service, I was very apprehensive about my first service.

Thankfully, I found the service to be good enough. It, certainly, wasn’t as bad as people were saying it was (read the Team BHP’s members’ comments to know more).

I was present at the service centre by 9:30 AM. A pleasant woman (the receptionist) greeted me and asked me to wait for my “service advisor”. The said person appeared in 5 minutes and took in all the notes, prepared the job card, requested for the service book (that comes with the manual) and updated it.

All this took around 20 min. He informed me that once the car is ready, he would call me up (which he promptly did!). I also requested for dropping the car to my office. He said he would try since we have to book for pickup and drop service 2 days in advance.

I left the place around 9:50 AM and actually, got a lift to the nearest bus stop in my car!

Around 2:30 PM in the afternoon, my “service advisor” called me to inform that the car was ready and if needed, they can arrange for a drop to my office and of course, that would lighten my wallet by 200 Rs (only the drop not the cost of service), to which I agreed.

The driver reached my office around 3:30 PM and gave me a call. When I went out to meet the person, he showed me the bill and the maximum amount was spent on the engine oil – a whopping 3574 Rs without VAT of 13.5%!!!!. Oil filter, air filter and other miscellaneous items consumed another 1400 Rs and with VAT, the total serivce amount added upto Rs. 5641!

Add Rs. 200 for the drop and the whole thing came upto Rs. 5850 or roughly the amount of money that I would spend on getting my Pulsar 180 serviced for 3-4 years! 🙂

Anyhow, the service quality was good enough and my interaction with TAFE Access people was positive. So, as they say, all’s well that ends well.


It’s been 2 months and 19 days (80 days to be exact) since that fateful day (i.e., the day I got my Fabia delivered – pun intended). The going (apart from a few glitches mentioned earlier) has been pretty smooth. She has run 4500 + Kms and the engine is really getting into the groove now as is the clutch.

Engine & Clutch

The engine is on the way to its mellifluous best and in traffic signals, the engine noise is barely discernible. The clutch is getting smoother and I am also getting used to releasing it without touching the accelerator (this being my first car, one can understand my clumsiness on the clutch!).


The acid test for any car is how easily navigable/manoeuvrable is the car when in traffic.

I would rate the Fabia in between 7 & 8 (on a scale of 10, 10 being the highest) in terms of manoeuvrability.

The rating is a trifle low because sometimes, the car doesn’t respond to throttle inputs as well as it should especially when overtaking. Of course, this is most probably because I change gears normally (i.e., at set speeds only: 20kmph – 3rd gear, 40 kmph – 4th gear, 60 kmph – 5th gear) and unlike others, do not accelerate say till 60 kmph in 3rd gear, which is typically done during overtaking (ನುಗ್ಗೋದು in local parlance – Kannada).


Coming to the mileage part, I am again left disappointed since it has not gone beyond 12 kmpl in city driving conditions even after 4500+ Kms on the odometer. Of course, it is more during long drive, as is to be expected, but in the city traffic, it drinks petrol much more quickly than beer guzzlers their beer in Oktoberfest :(.

Do leave a comment to let me know if it is true of others too.


It’s been almost 2 months (well, 1 month and 23 days to be precise) since I bought my Fabia and it’s doing wonderfully well.

What worries me though is the mileage part of it :(. I’ve done more than 3000 KM on it till now and whenever I measure the mileage (which, to be candid, has been quite infrequent) it never seems to go beyond 12 kmpl. Mind you, that I have NOT measure the mileage whenever I have taken it out for long drives (an unpardonable sin for the mileage obssessed, but there you go – mea culpa).

I have promised myself that I would watch the trip meter like a hawk, the next time I go on a long drive.

Apart from the mileage front, everything looks spick and span (I hope it stays that way too)!